Anchal Gupta

Anchal Gupta is Chief Technology Officer (CTO). As CTO, Anchal is directly responsible for building industry models to solve customer challenges and modernizing our technology to further digitalize our operation and customer experience through innovation and laying a forward-looking technology foundation for the company. She leads the functional areas of technology architecture, technology platforms, data engineering, operations research and advanced analytics, and emerging technologies.

Prior to joining American, Anchal held various senior IT management roles with companies including Barclays, American Express, DTCC and, most recently, JPMorgan Chase where she led the transformation and modernization of card platforms, applications and data solutions. Throughout her 25 plus years career, she has focused on defining and executing technology strategies with financial acumen that drive business results through innovative engineering.  She has been a part of many industry-first influencing solutions around B2B and B2C customer experiences, payments, wallets, mobile, AI/ML customer 360, infrastructure, and cloud-based solutions – driving these initiatives from architecture to execution with agile delivery adoption.

She fosters a culture of innovation that challenges the status quo and believes in being a catalyst and change agent. Anchal empowers others to succeed by developing talent and building followership by leading with empathy.

11:00 AM - 11:40 AM

MAY 2, 2024 Schedule

Session 3: Applied AI in Action

We’ve set the scene with the potential of AI and how to tackle its application. Now, let’s hear from Fortune 500 leaders about how they’re enabling AI to transform and re-envision how they do business by executing real tasks—and the benefits they’re seeing from it.