Katherine Gnadinger

Katherine Gnadinger serves as Corporate Counsel at Microsoft, supporting the Manufacturing and Aerospace & Defense industry account teams. Her primary focus is advising clients on complex cloud computing deals and legal issues such as artificial intelligence, data privacy and security, and regulations affecting the Defense Industrial Base. Katherine also provides risk analysis and negotiation for strategic alliances, software and IP licenses, professional services and support contracts, and various other agreements. In addition, she serves as the Relationship Lead between Microsoft and the National Association of Women Lawyers. Before joining Microsoft, Katherine was a Senior Attorney at Bell Textron Inc., where she supported US and Canadian military business, global supply chain, and IT security. Katherine holds a Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law and a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University.

2:10 PM - 2:30 PM

MAY 2, 2024 Schedule

Session 6: Balancing Act: Innovation, Impact, and Responsible AI

With conversations about AI come conversations about ethics. This thought-provoking session will explore the principles and practices that guide the ethical development and deployment of artificial intelligence.